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"Up-To-Date Theatricals is one of the top companies for the performing artist in the New York market.  Over the past 25 years we have seen what an invaluable source their products and services have been to the many customers that come through our doors daily. Up-To-Date's  dedication to providing current, quality, and comprehensive information helps to make a career in show business more attainable. Their monthly publications are the best source of current, comprehensive, quality information and industry contacts for the NYC and Tri-State markets. Their organized format gets you the info quickly and without all the added fluff."
— Allen Hubby, VP/Owner, the Drama Book Shop

Annie is the real deal. The best in the biz on the biz. I constantly send my students to her.
— Matthew Corozine, The Matthew Corozine Studio

A session with Annie Chadwick is better than therapy - she'll make you laugh and she'll give you insight and inspiration - while providing you with the most current industry information and resources that are like gold in your pocket. Annie brainstorms around what is unique about you and offers specific and creative strategies so you leave with a plan. Annie is the real deal. She isn't selling you anything. What's special about Annie is that she is really a working actress, sharing years of professional knowledge, expertise and artistry that have kept her a prominent force in our business.
— Getchie Argetsinger, NYC actress (Getchie's acting career spans over 20 years in Theatre, TV and Film. She is a core member of the highly acclaimed Barrow Group. Recent credits include a cameo on The Sopranos and the lead in the short film Broken.)

It's been invaluable to have someone like Annie, positive & nurturing, in my corner. She's really helped me to see my path by narrowing down my goals & setting up a plan to make them happen. I felt that my career had stalled and Annie made an impossible mountain climbable. She broke the business of pursuing a career down into little steps that were doable for me. After consulting with her, I got a renewed sense of optimism and clear goals that have propelled me on a creative path well beyond what I could have expected just six months ago. I am now in L.A. with a new agent pursuing film/TV.
— Marisa Vitali, NYC actress

Working with Annie Chadwick was one of the best investments I've made in my career so far. I was putting in the hours but felt overwhelmed and stuck. Annie helped me see what was standing in my way and helped me take my career to the next level. In a sea of resources for actors, she pinpointed the people and places that gave me the most bang for my buck. Her simple but incredibly helpful instructions got me more auditions, more callbacks, and now with her guidance, she's helping me choose which projects to accept!
— Virginia Batholomew, NYC actress

As a director, where do you find a professional who sees the essence and marketable aspects of your work and puts together a presentation that reflects that? Annie Chadwick has the creative expertise to do just that and does it brilliantly. We in the performing arts are lucky to have someone who genuinely loves the industry, cares enough to guide and encourage us, and comes up with a practical plan to follow.
— June Prager, NYC director

I took a few years off from the industry and coming back I didn't realize how outdated I was. Thank God I found Annie. She is a wealth of information and inspiration. She gave me the tools that worked best for me individually. DO THE WORK AND LISTEN TO ANNIE! You'll be amazed at what happens after that!
— Krystle Pyram Adams, NYC actress/singer

Annie was incredibly helpful in helping me get my feet on the ground when I first arrived in New York. The business side of things can be a lot to handle--but Annie is a performer in her own right so she speaks from a place of knowledge and understanding. It felt like I was suddenly on a team. She helped me to clarify and target my goals and gave me the practical tools needed to establish and (hopefully) sustain a lifelong career. I should also mention she's got a great positive energy--always available and eager to help. It was a pleasure to work with her.
— Jonathan Bock, NYC Actor

Annie, I gotta fold you up and put you in my pocket! You're always so wonderful and your support is amazing!
— Jasmine Spiess, NYC actress

I discovered Annie literally within the final seconds of losing all hope of ever pursuing my passion for acting. I called her number and that was it. In only a few weeks she unlocked all the mysteries behind what it takes to be a contender in this competitive industry. Her passion for the craft is inspiring and now I have the knowledge to proceed with confidence.
— Jody Mullins, NYC actor

Annie Chadwick is an innovative and inspiring career coach who dedicates herself thoroughly to each of her clients. Her knowledge of all aspects of the industry has helped me hone in on what I do best. I am so fortunate to have found her. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking support and guidance as they move forward in their acting career.
— Cindy Strom, NYC actress

I met Annie as a beginner actor with little knowledge of the New York world of acting. Her advice and bank of knowledge has guided and allowed me to enter a world that almost seemed impossible before. Her encouragement, expertise and constructive criticism has led to me booking independent films and commercials while also meeting casting directors and agents. Any actor, beginner or expert, can learn something from her. Her knowledge is extremely valuable and worth it!
— Preston Merritt NYC/CT actor

I just love working with Annie! At her intro workshop I felt like I left with lots of great information and a specific direction. She actually took the time to address me and my specific situation one on one. I had taken several of these workshops but no one else made me feel like they cared about me and my career. Her passion for truly wanting to help people succeed just shines through her. I couldn't wait to work with her again. Her career coaching really gave me a clear vision and specific steps to get there. The effects were instant and ongoing.
— Darla Delane, NYC actress

My session with Annie was so detailed. She takes the time to really get a sense of who you are and where you are in your career. Annie gave me so much information that I couldn't have possibly found out on my own. A consultation with her is a must for everyone especially beginners. I really wish I had gone to her before I started.
— Tachiema Bien-Aime, NYC actress

Consultation: I just wanted to say how much I got out of our session last week. The most important point I took home is how necessary it is to approach the business in a unique and creative way - and to infuse as much of yourself and your passion for the work into the process as possible. It seems that all my questions about my career can be answered by being really grounded in who I am and what I want out of life and out of my career - and to let this propel me forward in the career. It's weird - but it never really clicked for me like this before." - Jennifer Moses, NYC actress On the Workshop: I took your career building workshop yesterday. I wanted to drop you a line to say how thankful I was for your advice, attention, and for all the wonderful information you gave us. It was so awesome! I was so energized and excited after the meeting that I felt hopeful I could indeed pursue this career on a professional level. I feel like I have a clear-cut focus for how to approach the next six months and I feel awash in relief! Where to put your time, money and energy in your acting career feels so overwhelming, so it was nice to get some solid, practical advice. Thank you again.
— Jennifer Moses, NYC actress

After meeting with Annie I had a clear sense of where I wanted to go and how I was going to get there which also added to my confidence. One of the things she encouraged me to do was approach the commercial market. I got an agent and have booked my first commercial. Her guidance was instrumental." "P.S. I got a second commercial. That's two this month."
— Lisa Schwanger, Florida actress

I took Annie's Sunday afternoon workshop at Drama Books a few months ago while visiting New York during a run at the New York International Fringe Festival, and still think it might very well have been the best $50 I've EVER spent on myself, not just as an actor, or an out-of-town actor, but also as someone who was happily reminded of what a noble profession we are a part of. Yes, noble! Because Annie's generosity not only extends to the almost overwhelming amount of materials she gives you (i.e. different examples of resume formats, lists of photographers in multiple price ranges, trade papers and gobs and gobs of resources) but also to her obvious love of the craft of acting. It was, frankly, a somewhat exhausting experience, but that's only because she is giving you a tremendous amount of information in a comparatively small amount of time, and she does it so WELL! And do be sure to get there early for the one-on-one with Annie, because that is when she takes the time to look at your headshot and resume and offer her invaluable suggestions. And even if she is telling you that your headshot is not suited to you, she makes a case that is hard to refute. A very, VERY smart and astute woman."
— Lorraine Olsen, San Francisco actress

I am a total fan of you, your private coaching, and your workshop. I came to Annie's workshop hoping to at least get some decent info for $50. What I came away with was not only worth the price, but much more than I had hoped for. Annie is genuine, goes out of her way to not only make you feel special, but to really give you that extra individualized attention which is completely unexpected, but absolutely appreciated. Her workshop was not only chalked full of relevant and useful information, but she added something that I did not expect to find there...hope and inspiration. What a truly fabulous workshop! I highly recommend it to anyone who is beginning their career or feeling like they are at a stalemate here in New York!"
— Krista Giffin, NYC actress/singer/musician

I just wanted to thank you for taking your time in sharing your views and experiences in what was an informing and inspiring workshop that really got into the depths of my aspirations, motivations and needs. In all honesty, it was such a pleasure to meet you and witness your caring and genuine nature. As you know from our brief exchange, I feel I am at a pivotal point in my career I can't tell you how much of a blessing it was to hear words of positivity and reassurance at such a time. Your non-condescending angle, warm aura and uplifting attitude really set a spark in the positive possibilities that I too believe in.
— Koh, NYC & Japanese actor

I'm so glad that I was able to make the seminar. It was jam packed with vital information. You were well-organized, professional, experienced, joyful and very sincere about giving everyone as much info as possible for a 2 hour seminar. I will call you for a private consultation.
— Sharman Howe, NYC singer/actress

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your wonderful workshop on July 13th at the Drama Book Shop. I found your workshop to be very informative, helpful, and organized. I feel as though I walked away with a better sense of how to tackle the area of self-promotion, possibly consider new headshots, and how to, in general, "think out of the box" a bit more. . . I also walked away with an improved "can-do" attitude, which is challenging to maintain sometimes in this business. I also really appreciated your down-to-earth manner and the level of attention you provided to those who asked questions during the workshop and to those who waited to ask questions after the workshop ended. Lastly, I think the best part was that we actually walked away with materials in hand! I know these will be helpful materials to add to my list of resources! Again, thanks so much for your time, advice, and feedback - - it is much appreciated!
— Rondel Lashley, NYC actress