One-on-One Career Consultations with Annie Chadwick


Whether you are a seasoned professional, a wide-eyed beginner or lost in the actor maze, Annie Chadwick offers motivational one-on-one career consultations and workshops that give you:
  • the vision to create your own unique theatrical career
  • no-nonsense business strategies
  • innovative self-promotional techniques
  • the most current industry trends
The initial Consultation is composed of 3 components:
  • A pre-consultation phone session with list of materials to prepare prior to one-on-one consultation
  • 2 hour one-on-one consultation, in person, to create clear steps that will move your career to the next level in a targeted area.
  • 1 week of follow-up by phone and email on the topics that were discussed in your one-on-one session.
Annie Chadwick, owner of Up-To-Date Theatricals and author of Showbiz Bookkeeper, offers one-on-one career consultations tailored to your specific career needs. Coming from a unique perspective of having the most comprehensive up-to-date database of industry contacts, information, personal working experience and client feedback, Annie can create an innovative, individualized step-by-step plan to achieve your career goals.

After receiving her Master's degree from Indiana University School of Music and moving to NYC, Annie realized that although well-trained, she knew very little about the business of pursing a performance career. Continuing to see this as a weak point in other talented performer's training, she created in 1988 Up-To-Date Theatricals - a comprehensive career consultation and theatrical information service for professionals working in the performing arts.

In addition to providing one-on-one career consultations and up-to-date theatrical information, she also developed a variety of workshops that give current trends and innovative techniques on the business of pursing a performance career. Current clients range from experienced professionals working on Broadway, in Feature Films, Primetime TV Series, Soaps, National Network Commercials to those new to the business.